Bakery Products Reuse in Pet Food

Bakery products reuse in Pet Food

“Reuse” rather than recycling of waste food has always been a challenge for food retailers given the express human and animal health regulations forbidding its use as a feed for food-producing animals e.g cows and pigs.

Leveraging our historical experience in the pet food business, FSM in conjunction with its sister company Maple Rain have invested in, and custom-designed our own specific facility to allow the reuse of suitable unsold bread as an ingredient in pet food.

In this DAFM licensed facility, bread direct from bakeries or collected from designated retail outlets is de-packed, finely sieved and crumbed. Then it is dried in a large gas-fuelled continuous revolving chamber which reduces the moisture level, while killing all bacteria yeasts and moulds and stabilising the product.

A further grinding and rolling process produce a very fine dry crumb that is free-flowing, as in the video below. The product is then bulked and transported to a pet food plant where it is used as a sustainable ingredient for pet food

Bread can be recycled for energy recovery in the biogas process.  However FSM's processing it for reuse in pet food,  prevents it from becoming food waste at all. This is in line with EU Directive 2018/851 which promotes prevention and reduction of food waste thereby reducing environmental impact.

Therefore any food producer, retailer or distributor of bread products using our unique service can immediately reduce their food waste declared volumes equivalent to their unsold bread and bakery products.

FSM will recover your unsold bread for Reuse in Pet-food

FSM innovating the food waste industry.