Our Services

Food Surplus Management, (FSM) the market leader in collection and processing of short dated and surplus packaged food from supermarkets nationwide for several years have a clean bin catering waste service. We service over 150 hotels and restaurants nationwide including those of the Dalata , Tifco and Inua Group Hotels

Hotel & Hospitality Service

A clean laundered bin swap at every collection.

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Retail & Supermarket

We collect and process short dated packaged food from all the major supermarkets across Ireland.

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Food Producers & Wholesalers

FSM service over one hundred food producers, offering them a tailored service with the flexibility of a palletised collection or pallet boxes, (dolavs) for packaged returns.

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Other Services

We can collect and process difficult to handle liquid food wastes, unopened jars and bottles or damage in transit produce.

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About Us

Food Surplus Management Limited (FSM) is an Irish owned company who specialise in recovery and recycling of short dated and out of date products and packaging for the manufacturing, wholesale and retail food and drinks industry. FSM have over 15 years experience in the collection and processing of surplus packaged food from retailers and food manufacturers nationwide.


FSM’s experience and knowledge of the problems faced by the food industry with surplus product enables us to provide a service that is not only more cost effective than composting and landfill, but also the most environmentally compliant method of handling food.

Process Capabilities

FSM operate a DAFF licensed Plant in County Meath for the recovery of packaged food in Ireland. We are capable of handling all types of packaged foods, including meats, dairy, cereal, vegetable, drinks, canned food and glass. With our fleet of over 25 vehicles we operate an all year round service to customers.


Using FSM’s own fleet of vehicles, we collect product from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers from the length and breadth of Ireland. FSM’s state of the art facilities enable us to recover all food waste collected, for the biogas industry.

Our Facilities

FSM operate two licensed facilities in Co. Meath. Here we de-pack and recover all the food waste for anaerobic digestion, (energy). Bins and pallet boxes are washed by a specialised bin washer using our rain water harvesting system.

The Facts & Our Message

The key to good recycling in a food or hospitality business is the management of food waste. Good food waste management ensures better recycling, which cost effectively lowers the environmental impact of food waste.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or email info@fsm.ie .