Some Frequently Asked Questions

The Food Waste Regulations of 2009 require all food waste producers such as supermarkets, restaurants hotels, etc to use a source segregated collection service for their unsold food. The FSM unsold food collection service will enable your business to be compliant with both ABP and the food waste regulations.

FSM deliver the required quantity, (depending on the size of the outlet) of red and green 240 Litre, (household sized) wheelie bins to your premises. Once or twice a week depending on the frequency needed we collect the full/bins and replace them completely by laundered ones. We do not empty the bin at your premises thereby minimising the risk of litter and spillage.
The RED BIN is for all packaged meat and dairy products including packed meat both raw and cooked, milk, and yogurts butter eggs etc. You can also place all types of drinks, juices and soups (other than those in glass) together with any ready meals, frozen or fresh lasagnes TV dinners etc., in the red bin. The GREEN BIN is for all fruit and vegetables, bread, cakes, cereals, biscuits and any dried food. No loose fruit or veg should be place in the bin, it should be bagged off first. A more detailed description of the items that can be placed in each bin can be found below in red and green bin guide.
No you do not have to remove any packaging. All items placed in either the red or green bin should be done so with their original packaging.
Any waste from a deli counter you may operate (e.g. sandwiches, sausage rolls, cooked chickens etc.) must be disposed of separately (i.e. not in the regular green & red 240l bins). FSM can provide a specially designated bin dedicated to this waste.
Any butchers trimmings can be bagged and placed in the RED BIN.
No the FSM service cannot be used for the disposal of this type of waste.
No the FSM service cannot be used for the disposal/collection of used cooking oil.
No the FSM service cannot be used for the disposal of non-food waste.
The food is de-packed at our premises and separated into various categories. The packaging is recycled and the food itself depending on its condition is used as pet food ingredients or sent for anaerobic digestion. DAFM expressly forbids the use of former foodstuffs from supermarkets and retail outlets in Animal Feed (e.g. cattle, sheep or pigs).
Yes. Our driver will provide you with a copy of the completed document, known as the "Commercial Document" You should keep a copy of this document on your premises for a minimum two year period as you may be asked to produce it by the local Environmental Health Officer, (EHO.)
The total quantity needed will be determined at the service inception in consultation with our staff. Generally we have found that supermarkets use as a rough guide 2 GREEN for every 1 RED.
You can ask the driver at time of collection for extra bins; depending on the quantity you need he may be able to provide you with one or two at that time or else at the next collection date. You can also contact us on 046 9486750 or by email info@fsm.ie.
Unsold food products of animal origin both packaged and unpackaged (e.g. meat, fish, dairy, ready meals etc.), excluding deli waste which must be disposed of separately.
  • Empty plastic packaging
  • Empty cans
  • Empty glass bottles
  • General waste
  • Deli waste
  • Canteen waste
FSM provides 240L red & green wheelie bins to all supermarkets and retail outlets for unsold food products. 140L red wheelie bins are provided to all businesses in the hospitality sector. The red 140L bins are provided to supermarkets for their deli counter and canteen waste upon request. All bins are laundered and exchanged for clean bins at each collection.
Please do not overfill the bins. If the bin is too heavy for you to move, it is too heavy for our driver to lift onto the vehicle. If you need extra bins, ask our driver. THANK YOU.

Food Items allowed in the RED Bin (with packaging)

  • Cooked meats
  • Packaged raw meats; fresh or frozen
  • All dairy products including milk, cream yogurts etc.
  • Fresh or frozen spreads
  • All ready meals fresh or frozen
  • Any Drinks in cartons or plastic bottles
  • Soups
  • Butchers trimmings - Bagged
  • Packaged seafood; fresh or frozen

Food items allowed in the GREEN Bin (with packaging)

  • Fruit; fresh or frozen
  • Vegetables; fresh or frozen
  • Cakes & Biscuits
  • Confectionary
  • Crisps
  • Rice
  • Bakery ingredients
  • Cereals
  • Other ambient dried food

*No floor Spillage waste or non-food products permitted in any bin.