Our Fleet

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Across the nation

Using FSM's own fleet of vehicles, we collect product from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the length and breadth of Ireland. FSM's state of the art plants enables us to recover 95% of all food collected for the biogas industry.

Sustainable Transport

  • FSM Recently received delivery of 2 Scania CNG (Compressed Natural Gas or Biomethane) fuelled vehicles that will reduce CO2 by 15% over diesel by using CNG and 90% reduction using Biogas.
  • Food Surplus Management Limited Vehicles can run on CNG or Biogas or a mixture of both.
  • All food collected by FSM is processed in Anaerobic Digestion Plants that produce Biogas which can ultimately fuel our vehicles. Creating a circular economy.
  • FSM Plan will migrate all our fleet to Gas over the next 24 months, 15 in 2019, 15 in 2020.
  • Transport is a major source of fossil CO2 emissions.
  • FSM can play a part in reducing these emissions


The Range

FSM operate a fleet of over 25 trucks custom designed vehicles to allow us to collect from the high street supermarket to the large scale supermarket. Our fleet consists of double decker trailers and rigids and some smaller custom designed vehicles for smaller collections. For bulk collections we also operate 45ft curtainsiders, bulk trailers and tankers when required.

fsm - lorry
our fleet

Small Collection

We have large double decker collection vehicles and smaller vehicles for more difficult to access locations.