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Retailers & Supermarkets

FSM currently provide a collection service to over 1,200 supermarkets nationwide. We provide a cost effective clean bin exchange service for retailers, which involves providing them with two different coloured wheelie bins for the disposal of animal by product wastes and ambient food wastes. The service fully complies with the Food Waste Regulations 2009 and Animal By Products Regulations 1069/2009.

The Red Bin

This bin is for packed meats, yogurts, milk, butter / cheese, beverages, juices, ready meals, soups.
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green bin fsm

The Green Bin

This bin is for fruit/ veg, bread, cakes, cereals, biscuits, confectionery, pasta / rice, all dry food.

The Red Bin with Brown Lid

Deli counter waste includes all hot food (i.e. sausage rolls, spicy wedges etc.) and sandwich counter waste.

*The wheelie bins provided are laundered bins which means they can be kept in the store if required. On the collection day full bins are collected from each store and replaced with laundered bins.