Hotel & Hospitality

dirty bin

Do your food waste bins look a little like this?

Would you like a clean bin every time?


Food Surplus Management, (FSM) the market leaders in the collection and processing of short-dated and surplus packaged food to supermarkets nationwide for several years have now a clean bin catering waste service.

  • At each collection, we swap the bins, (the same bin type as regular food waste bins) for a clean laundered one every time.
  • No messy tipping of bins into a bin lorry.
  • No need to wash the bins (or use expensive bin liners), as we do it for you, with our state of the art bin washing line which using harvested rainwater collected from the roof of our facility.
  • We now add Clean Rite  an Anti-Microbial agent at every bin wash cycle to eliminate any traces of Covid-19
  • All the food waste collected is used for energy recovery in a biogas, (Anaerobic digestion) facility, this produces electricity for the grid and also gas to fuel our CNG fleet.  Yes, FSM uses the gas from the food waste to power our vehicles that collect the food waste.
  • As with our retail customers, FSM offers this laundered bin swap service to the catering and hospitality industry in Ireland.

Our Bin Washer

"The key to good recycling in a food or hospitality business is the management of food waste. Good food waste management ensures better recycling, which cost effectively lowers the environmental impact of food waste."

Clean Bins Every Time

Clean bins every time so no need to wash your bins, resulting in increased hygiene and no more odours.

No Extra Requirements

No requirement to use special bin liners and/or compostable bags, standard plastic bags can be used.

No Need To Empty

We can accept waste packaged food such as yogurt pots, milk cartons etc., (no need to empty them).

Full training and explanatory materials such as wall posters are provided .