Irish Owned

Food Surplus Management Limited (FSM) is an Irish owned company who specialise in recovery and recycling of short-dated and out of date food products and packaging for the manufacturing, wholesale and retail food and drinks industry.


FSM has over 15 years experience in the handling of packaged food. FSM’s experience and knowledge of the problems faced by the food industry with surplus product enable us to provide a service that is not only more cost-effective than composting and landfill, but also the most environmentally compliant method of handling food.

Process Capabilities

Using our two custom-built facilities in Co Meath we can empty thousands of food waste bins a day as well as unloading and processing short-dated palletised waste food. We are an approved food recycling facility for many major multinationals such as Mars, Nestle and the Kerry Group  Any packaging is fully recycled or at a minimum processed for fuel in cement kilns. None of our residual waste goes to landfill.


Using FSM’s own fleet of vehicles, many of which are CNG powered we collect product from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers from the length and breadth of Ireland.

Sustainable Transport Across the nation

Using FSM's own fleet of vehicles, we collect product from food manufacturers,supermarkets and the hospitality sector across the length and breadth of Ireland. FSM's state of the art facilities enables us to recover 100% of all food collected for the biogas industry. We were one of the first companies in Ireland to operate CNG (Compressed Natural Gas or Biomethane) fuelled vehicles and we will convert our fleet to CNG as quick as the refuelling network allows.
CNG is the natural gas used in homes and industry just compressed for transport and Biomethane refers to the exact same type of gas but generated from the food waste we collect.
Using Gas for transport reduces CO2 emissions by 15% over diesel, and using the biomethane generated from the food waste reduces CO2 by over 90%. They both also significantly reduce harmful NOx emissions which is particularly beneficial in urban environments. Food Surplus Management Vehicles can run on CNG or Biogas or a mixture of both. All food collected by FSM is processed in Anaerobic Digestion Plants that produce Biogas which is used to fuel our CNG Vehicles creating a circular economy .